Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Appointed As Developers

We are incredibly proud to announce that, the official tourism website for Kintyre, has been leased to Net Visuals Web Design UK for a minimum period of 3 years to enable us to develop a fantastic website that will generate visitors and provide up to date information about Kintyre for the future.

The website, established by the old Kintyre Marketing Group and now in care of the Kintyre Way board, has had one basic update during the last 10 years and is now in desperate need of development to sustain and create tourism in Kintyre.

The website is number 1 on Google, Yahoo, Bing and most other search engines for the search term 'Kintyre' and is featured prominently in printed publications such as the Rough Guide To Scotland, combined with many inbound links from websites throughout the internet enhances's importance as an information provision and tourism development tool.

We aim to develop a professional website that not only will bring it's subscribed businesses significant customer enquiries and subsequent business, but also to provide income to the Kintyre Way to support and partially fund it's activities and marketing.

We will hopefully bring you more news on this fantastic Kintyre development during the next month and contacting businesses throughout Kintyre to be included. Net Visuals will also be exhibiting at the Kintyre Way Conference in November so please come along and meet us and see the wonderful work we do.