Friday, 25 February 2011

Web Sponsorship Works

You might think that the additional expense associated with sponsorship of regional websites is not worth it, however evidence has shown that main sponsors of websites can attract as much as 50% more web traffic and potential enquiries than smaller adverts.

For that to work, the sponsor / advertiser needs to be relevant not only to the website but also to the current target audience, at the same time present a product that will generate a more diverse demographic in future marketing.

At Net Visuals Bespoke Web Design we operate dozens of regional websites that provide targeted lead traffic for your business. Each website focuses on a particular product - such as our Loch Fyne Hotels website - or a specific geographic region - such as our Kintyre, Tarbert and Loch Fyne tourism information websites.

The reason why they work, and are important to you are quite simple;

1) The website is product or location specific

That is, each website becomes listed and used because it appears when it matches, appropriate consumer searches. Type in Kintyre and see where appears.

2) The content is relative and appropriate

The content of these websites is relevant, unique and has appropriate content. This enhances the website and helps consumers know they have found a useful resource of an official capacity.

3) The website is designed to enhance advertising

Each of our websites is designed with the inclusion of branding and marketing in mind, so that when you attach your sponsorship to the site you know it is going to increase your web traffic and potential enquiries.

If you have a large tourism or hospitality based business you may benefit from the additional exposure that site sponsorship can provide, for more information or to discuss a sponsorship partnership with any of our websites please email or telephone us.